A Pirate Party

Hello, everyone!  We’re back from our camping vacation.  We had a great time, the weather was quite decent, the boys caught fish, we hiked, saw wildlife, and the biggest blessing is that the Alaska lifted the fire ban just as we were headed out of Anchorage, so we got to roast marshmallows every night.  What good is camping without a fire, after all?  So I’m muddling through the mountain range of laundry (because when you’re gone for 12 days camping and have 4 boys it is beyond a single mountain), and trying to get back into our “normal.”

Before we left on our vacation we had a birthday party for one of our boys. He requested a Pirate Party, which is pretty un-original, but makes it easy, thanks to Pinterest.  I will have a disclaimer right here, there are a lot of amazing parties on Pinterest, and honestly, it isn’t a priority to me for the time and money spent to do that at least four times a year.  But, I like to make birthdays special, to let our little people know what an incredible gift they are to us.  And different things mean something to different kids.  My people-loving extrovert  could care less about all the detailed décor, just give him people and he’s happy.  But this one who requested the Pirate Party, loves and notices every detail.  He’s an introvert, and only invited three friends.  It made for a very enjoyable party.

Pirate Party 1

We started with the mast and sails.  I used two sizes of dowel rods from Lowe’s and, paint drop cloths.  The kids were so cute sitting at their “ship” to eat.

Pirate Party 3

And what’s a pirate ship without a parrot?  I actually made this parrot in 4th grade for a book report for Dr. Doolittle, all by myself.  I didn’t save many projects, and honestly, I don’t know why this was, but the boys were thrilled.  I made it with felt, stuffing, and the legs are little dowels.  He looked perfect atop the old crate I found lying around.

Pirate Party 4

The beautiful thing about having fabric around is, I was ready to pull out table décor on a whim.  I had a good amount of some red knit, which I also ripped into headbands for party favors, and I had enough black stripe fabric to make a sort of table runner.  The little pirates got to take home eye patches, and sword, a coloring page and some chocolate coins, compliments of the treasure found in the treasure hunt.

Pirate Party 2

For the treasure box, a friend of mine gave me an old cigar box.  I painted it brown.  The little hinges didn’t hold together, so I had the idea of taking a thrift store leather belt and attaching it with furniture tacks I had on hand.  I cut the belt down to size, and the belt buckle was the new closure.  I think it would have looked best to have two matching belts, but for the time and budget I had, this sufficed.

Pirate Party 5

The treasure hunt was definitely the highlight of the party.  I had six clues, all rhyming.  The clues weren’t completely original, I started with some rhyming clues with the help of this blog (click here) and then customized them for my own treasure hunt.  One was hidden here after they walked the plank.

Pirate Party 9

I thought the treasure box looked more authentic after they dug it up from the dirt. I included my clues for ideas for your own treasure hunt.  I also gave myself clues I taped on each rolled up clue to remember where each one was to be hidden. ( It can get a bit confusing.)

1(First Clue)

  1. Ahoy matey it’s time for some treasure hunt fun

So off together you will search, hunt and run.

We have a little challenge for you to prove you are pirate true.

First this is what you have to do.

Climb up on ropes and into the trees and you will find

The clue that will be the first of its kind.


2(Hide In tree fort)

  1. Open your ears and listen up

You don’t want to become someone’s sup.

Here’s the second clue you will see

You must skip and dance with glee

All the way to the Mountain Ash Tree


3(Hide Clue In Mountain Ash Tree)

  1. One pirate made a great mistake

So surely he must walk the plank

But if everyone succeeds in such a task

The next clue you will find hidden in a flask


4(Hide clue in flask by Walk the plank)

  1. When arrived at the island we pirates ate

A feast of pineapples, nuts and cake

But when the enemy came to our ship

We slid down a yellow waterfall to get back quick!


5 (Hide clue above slide)

  1. The Captains parrot fell ill

While talking in a British accent still

So we put him in the shed

Where we thought he could rest his head


6 (Hide Clue in Shed)

  1. Twas stormy night on the sea

At last we reached the land with a key

The X that marks the spot

Is underneath deck and lot

So, first grab a shovel, for there ye shall find

Digging the treasure for all your kind


Pirate Party 7

I saw these hot dog boats several places on Pinterest.  I was looking for a friendly looking buccaneer sticker to put on the top flag but never found one.  Finally I came up with the idea of looking for pirate fabric and cutting out the not so scary looking skull and crossbones.  1/3 of a yard got us a long ways.  We had way more pirate flags than we needed.  The kids were delighted with the hot dog ships.

Pirate Party 6

For the cake, I used this source (click here) for ideas on assembling the ship shaped cake.  She did an incredible fondant cake.  I haven’t gotten into fondant at this point.  I’m honestly a little afraid I would really like it and have another creative outlet I would have to keep up with.  So I stick to buttercream.  I used a tip to make wood planking, so I think it turned out pretty well for buttercream.  My little guy then finished off the ship by placing pirates we found in the dollar section at Target on and around the ship.  He said it needed to look like they were trying to take over another pirate ship.

Pirate Party 10

The day of the party was actually a very hot day for around here (in the 80s), so the cake stayed in the fridge all but a half an hour before we sang to him.  And even then, it started melting and falling apart.

All in all, the party was a success.  And my little man who notices and also directed many of the details was very pleased.

Stay tuned for more pirate goodness, I hope to share it next week.  And this week, another furniture reveal…

Thanks for stopping by!